SINUS - Specjalista w konfekcjonowaniu kabli

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Sinus had been established in 1996, however due to the dynamic development in 2001 it was transformed into limited liability company.

For over 14 years Sinus have  been specialising  in cable assembly for various industries.

The company employ highly skilled workers with disabilities as we closely cooperate with sheltered workshop company.

The company headquarters, office, warehouse and production premises are based in Lodz, in the centre of Europe. Thanks to this we assure fast delivery of our products to end customers. The location makes Lodz the gate between West and East and perfect trade centre.

Our products are made only from the highest quality components. Moreover are high priority is not only the products quality but also customer service and delivery time.

Our goal is to deliver best quality products and service with harmony with natural environment and exceeding the expectations of our customers while conserving resources and preserving the quality of the environment.